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CRP"CRP" is short for Conservation Reserve Program, and refers to a federal government program that pays farmers to leave certain sections of their land unturned - essentially, paying them to let some of their property go wild. This tends to fight erosion, provides habitat for wildlife, and returns some wild beauty to our farmlands.

What does this mean for upland hunters? It means that there are more places in our country for more game to thrive - which helps to offset the habitat-destroying effects of suburban sprawl and overpopulation. Can all CRP be hunted? No! Just because a farmer has signed onto the CRP program doesn't mean you're allowed to trespass on his land. Be sure you always have permission to tromp through someone else's property, no matter how "wild" it looks.

Is all CRP the same? Nope - it really depends on what crops were last grown in the area, and what natural vegetation tends to take root in that part of the countryside. Some farmers may deliberately seed CRP land with certain game-friendly crops, and others may just let it be and see what happens.

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