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Brace Collar

Brace CollarThese wide, brightly colored collars are designed to help you spot your dog when she's off at a distance in the field. At a hunt test, two dogs might be almost impossible to tell apart at a distance, so these collars are generally reversible - with blaze orange on one side, and bright lemon/lime green on other side. Dogs are rarely run more than two at a time (two being a "brace") so these collars are well suited to just that arrangement. They're not expensive, and can be found at most any gundog supply shop.

Note that though they have a small elastic section to help keep them in place, they are not one-size-fits-all - you'll need one that's meant for your size dog (unlike many collars, these should be purchased for exactly the size of your dog's neck). Because gun dogs are usually in action while wearing such a band, good fit is important in avoiding skin abrasions or constricting the neck on a dog that's going all out and really needs to breath. Too loose, and there's the risk of a branch or other item slipping in under the collar and causing trouble. The solution, as with most inexpensive field gear items, is to buy more than one each of several sizes. You'll be sure to wind up with a good fit, and you'll have extra gear for that guy in your hunting party who's always forgetting something (don't be that guy!).

  • Even if you're not running two dogs or running in a hunt test or trial, these collars can be a real safety boost. Because they are reflective all the way around, they catch the light (and your eye) much better than a standard collar. At dawn and dusk, these will really help you, as well as drivers on the road, see your dog.
  • These are not meant to restrain Rex! You can't attach a lead or check cord to these collars - they're for visibility only, and you'll still want Fido's regular handling and ID collar on at all times.

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