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Whoa Broke

Questionable grammar aside, having a "whoa broke" or "whoa broken" pup is a good thing. The term simply refers to a pup that knows what "whoa" means and obeys the command regardless of command's duration or the distractions put in front of pup.

Whoa breaking a pup is a long, sometimes frustrating process - those pups just want to move their feet, especially when they think something fun is happening around them.

But having a "whoa broken" pup pointing birds for you naturally leads to better things, like a pup that is steady to wing and shot.

So the next time you're in the field and the grizzled old hunter next to you says "Hey, is your pup whoa broke?" don't bother correcting his grammar! Give 'em a "yep" or "nope" and keep hunting!

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