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While this term conjures up images of the wild west, or of modern federal agents, it also has a place in the world of upland hunting dogs.

A formal field trial or hunt test is a busy, complex operation. Over the course of the day's events, there are handlers, judges, and gunners who are all doing very specific things. Those people need to be able to keep their minds on what they're there for, and only what they're supposed to be doing. But every trial or test has some random variables that just can't be predicted: observers straying from the gallery into gun range, hound packs getting into the wrong field, a shortage of birds in one field and too many in another, and even the possibility of injured people or animals.

If the event's judges had to worry about such things, a long day in the field would go even longer. So, it's the Marshal to the rescue - aide to the judges, general enforcer of the rules, and steward of procedures. Especially in those areas where handlers are lining up with their dogs for the next brace, the stationed or roving marshals will be seen making sure that the scheduled dogs and handlers are indeed those that are about to be sent out.

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