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There was never a more thrilling, stylish, and camera-friendly activity - at least, that's how we see it. Bird dogs are always an eye-full, and we love 'em all. You'll find some of this year's recent candid shots in our expanding event and scene coverage area.
Serve a scaled-down little covey of this classic hors d'oeuvre:
Deviled Quail Eggs
Deviled Quail Egg Appetizer
  The Suburban Bird Dog Zone:  
Planning on escaping the 'burbs and heading out to a preserve? Make the most of your time and money.
Finally time to get yourself a shotgun for the field? Contributing writer Dave Woolsey offers The Budget Upland Gun - Part One

Preserve/Guides Update:
State-by-State Preserve DirectoryWe've added new links in our Preserves database.

State Agency Update:
Better us than you! We've again audited and surfed through to the important online destinations for the the game/wildlife mangement agencies in all 50 states. We hunt 'em down so you don't have to.

Encyclopedia Uplandia
Weekly Item:

You won't need a bouncer to card your training birds. But even though there are wings and strings involved, it's not the same as a wing-and-string exercise.
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