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Encyclopedia Uplandia Brace Collar. Improved Cylinder. CRP. Poultry Shears. Bag Limit. These are not orthopedic, automotive, economic, arts & crafts, or air travel terms.

Like any traditional activity that dates back centuries, upland pursuits bring with them a long list of old and new terms, concepts, and phrases that can seem very arcane, or even outright misleading to a newcomer. Strange jargon can be enough to scare away otherwise interested newbies. Old hands will sometimes never admit that even they don't know why something is called what it's called or how to describe a certain type of terrain, bird, cuisine, or dog training gear. Check this always-expanding glossary and encyclopedia for quick descriptions of hundreds of common upland-related terms, items, origins, techniques, and more. Have a good description for something that you think is missing from this reference area? Please don't hesitate to contact us with a suggested entry - we'll probably put it right up.

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