Upland Gear and Clothing

Your upland life is pretty gear-centric. But there's an undeniable pleasure in being outside in most any sort of weather, with you, your dog, and your shotgun comfortable and ready for action.

Readiness, of course, does not have to come at the expense of style. A certain amount of pride in how you look and feel in the field (and in the lodge for dinner) can really contribute to your enjoyment of the lifestyle.

Like most areas of upland gear and supply, there are different markets made up of different consumers and the vendors that serve them. To the right, we've provided links to some of our favorite online suppliers. Remember: it's hard to beat your favorite local shop for personal advice, a nice fitting room, and proximity. But when you know what you want, and it's a commodity or standard item - there's a lot to be said for a few mouse clicks, an ultra-competitive price, and the UPS truck rolling up to your door without you burning travel time and a tank of gas. Does it seem like we're not making very many suggestions? The truth is, when you're shopping online for a niche item like upland hunting gear and clothing, you want a well-stocked supplier that carries a wide variet of brands, and that has a rational return/exchange policy. There are only so many that fit that profile and which also run pleasant, easy-to-use web sites. We've become partners with the folks you see here because we personally purchase gear from them and are happy to endorse their services. Let us know if you have any comments about these links, or additions you'd like to see us make.


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