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Mason-Dixon GSP Club Spring 2012 Hunt Test
Scenes from the M-D GSP Club's spring 2012 hunt test at Maryland's McKee-Beshers preserve.

Potomac NAVHDA Training Day at McKee-Beshers
Scenes from the Potomac NAVHDA Chapter's April Training Day, prepping for an upcoming utility test.

Upland Hunting Event Coverage
Was there ever a more photogenic lifestyle? No.

A note about the resources in this area.
In the course of bringing you this web site and our other materials, Upland Life's contributors often attend events - structured occasions like field trials and hunt tests, and more casual training and hunting outings - that lend themselves to photography. Special dogs, fine shotguns, unique attire and gear, upland terrain, fascinating people... the visuals are an important part of what draws us all to the upland lifestyle.

If we've produced photographs at a particular event and you've been pointed to this site for a look, you've found the right page. The event links on this page will take you to online galleries showing thumbnail images, and mid-sized versions for on-screen display. More recent galleries (since 2008) work best if your web browser supports Flash (as almost all do). The viewing will be most enjoyable on a larger display, with your web browser expanded to full-screen. Interested in ordering prints from these images? You can place an order online, right from the galleries (here are some brief tips about the ordering process).

Please note that every image you see here is owned by the photographer that created it. We are strong supporters of the photographer's copyrights, and enourage you to read our brief comments about image use, copying, purchasing, and display in other venues. We want to keep bringing you these images, and are glad you're here to look them over. Questions? Don't hesitate to contact us.

  Older Coverage  
03/19/2011 - 03/20/2011
Mason-Dixon GSP 2011 Spring Hunt Test
Scenes from the M-D GSP Club's spring 2011 hunt test at Maryland's McKee-Beshers preserve.

01/08/2011 - 01/09/2011
ODVC Winter 2011 Hunt Test
Scenes from the Old Dominion Vizsla Club's winter 2011 hunt test on the York Pointer & Setter Club grounds in Pennsylvania.

05/15/2010 - 05/16/2010
DC Weimaraner Club: 2010 Weim Nationals Hunt and Ratings Tests
Scenes from at pass/qualifiers at the national Weim club's 2010 spring hunt and ratings tests held at the York Pointer & Setter Club in Pennsylvania

Rappahannock River Retriever Club 2010 Spring Hunt Test - Juniors
Scenes from the RRRC's Junior Hunt Test at Shady Grove Kennels in Remington, Virginia

DC Weimaraner Club 2010 Spring Hunt Test
Scenes from the DC Weimaraner Club's all-pointing-breeds 2010 Spring Hunt Test in Pennsylvania.

Mason-Dixon GSP 2010 Spring Hunt Test
Scenes from the MDGSP Club's all-pointing-breed AKC hunt test on the McKee-Beshers grounds.

Mason-Dixon GSP Club 2009 Fall Training Day
The MDGSP Club hosts a casual training day one week before their all-breed fall hunt test.

03/21/2009 - 03/22/2009
DC Weimaraner Club 2009 Sprint Hunt Test
An all pointing breed AKC hunt test on a brisk March weekend in Pennsylvania.

Mason-Dixon GSP Club - 2009 Spring Hunt Test
A few scenes from spring day in the field.

Southern Maryland English Setter Club Hunt Test
A wintry weekend at Maryland's Rosaryville State Park for an all-breed hunt test. Don't forget to visit the club's web site.

Wilderness Pointer Club 2008 Fall Hunt Test
A bright, windy day of bird work at the Strawberry Hill Farm near Thurmont, Maryland.

10/18/2008 - 10/19/2008
DC Weimaraner Club 2008 Fall Hunt Test
A beautiful October weekend in Pennsylvania for a pointing breed hunt test.

  09/20/2008 - 09/21/2008
Mason-Dixon GSP Club - 2008 Fall Hunt Test
Two days at the McKee-Beshers grounds, watching pointing dogs work.

Gordon Setter Club Of America - 2008 Specialty Hunt Test
At the end of a week of conformation showing in Gettysburg, a handful of stoic Gordon folks ran their setters in AKC hunt tests.

Mason-Dixon GSP Club - 2008 Fall Training Day
A week before the club's fall hunt test, the club holds a mock test so that dogs and handlers can get a feel for the rhythm of an AKC hunt test.

Mason-Dixon GSP Club - 2008 Fun Day
A hot June dog romp, with some relief in the pond.

Potomac NAVDHA Natural Ability event.
The Potomac Chapter of NAVDHA holds a Natural Ability test for a dozen or so dogs at the McKee-Beshers preserve in Maryland.

Conestoga Vizsla Club 2008 Spring Hunt Test
A lovely April morning for an all-breed hunt test at Strawberry Hill Farm outside Thurmont, Maryland.

  03/22/2008 - 03/23/2008
DC Weimaraner Club 2008 Spring Hunt Test
A cold, damp spring weekend (perfect!) for this all-breed pointing dog hunt test. We got a few shots in between other activities at the event.

03/15/2008 - 03/16/2008
Mason-Dixon GSP Club 2008 Spring Hunt Test
Some shots from this all-breed pointing dog hunt test, held along the Potomac River, in Maryland.

10/21/2007 - 10/22/2007
DC Weim Club Hunt Test
An all-breed pointing dog hunt test over two lovely early autumn days in Pennsylvania's York Pointer and Setter Club. We got a few shots from the event.

Northern Virginia Brittany Club Hunt Test
Finally, some proper autumn weather for a hunt test. The NV Brittany Club's all-breed pointing dog test was held at the McKee-Beshers preserve.

09/22/2007 - 09/23/2007
Mason-Dixon GSP Club 2007 Fall Hunt Test
We heard there'd be a little something different at this year's MDGSP event: pheasant on the ground for the Master Hunt Test dogs.

American Pointer Club - 2007 National Event - Field Trial
The second day of the APC national specialty event was a walking field trial, also held on the YPS grounds in Pennsylvania.

American Pointer Club - 2007 National Event - Hunt Test
The APC started off their national specialty show's week of events with an AKC Hunt Test on the grounds of the York Pointer Setter Club in Pennsylvania.

04/28/2007 - 04/21/2008
Spinone Club of America - Specialty Hunt Test
All Spinones, All The Time. This AKC hunt test was run as part of the national club's spring specialty show in Hustle, VA.

Spinone Club of America - All Breed Hunt Test in Hustle, Virginia.
A sunny, warm April morning makes for a challenging hunt test day. Much water was poured.

Northern Virginia Brittany Club - Spring Hunt Test 2007
It wasn't just for Brittanies. The club hosted a nice turnout of pointing dogs.

Mason-Dixon GSP Club Walking Field Trial
A relaxed, cozy foot event among friends. We walked with braces in a couple of stakes to take a few pictures.

03/24/2007 - 03/25/2007
DCWC Hunt Test
Spring in Pennsylvania means muddy dogs and handlers. The DC Weim Club's annual Spring Hunt Test was a busy one, and we're just sharing a few shots from between braces.

  10/20/2006 - 10/21/2006
DC Weimaraner Club Hunt Test
Another beautiful October day testing bird dogs. The DC Weim club held its annual Fall Hunt Test at the York Pointer and Setter club in Wellsville, Pennsylvania. Between tasks at the senior/master field, we got in a few shots.

Mason-Dixon GSP Club Hunt Test
A little warm, and a little wet out, but this September hunt test was still a chance to watch some bird dogs work.

A Soggy Early September Dove Hunt
Nothing beats an invitation to 700 private acres planted to attract migrating doves. But what if it's raining almost the whole day?

August Pointer Training
We tag along with some pointers and their people for a late summer quail work-out in advance of the coming hunt season.

Northern Virginia Brittany Club Hunt Test
An Upland Life wandering photographer stopped by this spring event. Several breeds of pointing dogs were on the scene, and we got a few shots.

03/25/2006 - 03/26/2006
DC Weimaraner Club Hunt Test
An Upland Life contributor was an official gun at this event, and thus didn't have much time to take action shots (well, only with a shotgun). In between senior and master braces, though, a few handsome dogs were kind enough to do some glamour poses.

  03/18/2006 - 03/19/2006
Mason-Dixon GSP Club Hunt Test
Upland Life spent a little time at the Mason-Dixon GSP Club's annual spring hunt test, held at the McKee-Beshers wildlife management area along the Potomac River near Poolesville, MD.



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