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General Comments
First, thank you for visiting. The team here at UplandLife.com truly love the things we present online. Our purpose is to make sure that you do, too. We get a lot of satisfaction in knowing that the images, experience, opinions, information, contacts, and other content here on our web site are helping other people discover (and rediscover!) such an important heritage.

That being said, this is the internet. We understand that the cyber world is full of mis-information, abuses of trust, and outright scams and lies. We do not tolerate any nonsense related to this endeavor, and work hard to make sure that you won't have to, either. That means that we only link to things we use or visit ourselves, we only provide information in good faith, and look to cover the costs of providing you with this web destination through associations with only the most ethical, trustworthy, and customer-oriented businesses.

While our team continually reviews every bit of content on this site, we cannot be responsible for the information, opinions, or services provided by those other web sites, people, businesses or other resources that we mention or connect to here on our site. We're required to say, essentially, that all information that we provide is provided "as is," without any implication of merit, accuracy, or other qualities - so that there is no confusion about each visitor's personal obligation to research and personally weigh, understand, and apply anything that they take away from this or any other web site or publication. You can bet, though, that we bend over backwards to make sure that you won't have a reason to question what we put in front of you. And if you do question it, of course we'd like to hear from you. It's also worth mentioning that one way we help to pay for bringing you this site is to run discreet text ads that appear at the side or bottom of some pages. Such ads are brought to you by third parties, such as Google. Those third parties try very hard to only show you ads that are relevant to the content you're looking at, and they generally do a good job. But you should know that we do not directly control exactly which ads are shown, or have any influence over the character of the web sites to which those ads might take you, should you visit them. Google's ads are, though, generally policed very well and are run by businesses that are paying good money for you to see them, and we encourage you to patronize (or at least visit!) those businesses because they help to bring you this web site.

We completely respect your privacy. Under no circumstances will we ever share any information about you with any other party, ever, without your express advance understanding and permission. There are only a few specific areas where privacy issues can even come up, and here is a very brief outline:
  • When you contact us. If you use our contact form, we require you to provide us with your e-mail address so that we can effectively reply to you. E-mail addresses, names, and any other information provided to us as part of such exchanges will not be used for any other purpose, period. Only if, as part of your communication to us, you specifically request that we add you to our news or contact lists will contacting us ever result in future communications from us.
  • When you become a member of the site. From time to time, we will provide content here on the site that only members will be able to access. Becoming such a member entails providing us with a user name, a valid e-mail address, password, and some basic demographic information. We use that information to grant you access to site, remind you of your password if you've forgotten it, and to keep you informed about changes to our content or services. As a member, you can also explicitly elect to receive or not receive other communication from our partners - always in a manner, and related to such subjects as you specifically dictate.
  • When you make a purchase. There are two ways in which you might make a purchase here at UplandLife.com: you will either directly pay for a product or service that we provide, or you may be doing business with a third party to whom we've directed you. Any business you conduct with third parties is entirely subject to the terms and conditions governing those transactions, as spelled out by those other parties - we have no influence over, nor ability to comment on those policies, other than to generally say that we will only direct you to businesses that we believe to be ethical and equally interested in preserving your privacy. When you make a purchase directly from this web site, we will be collecting such information as is directly required to facilitate that purchase (payment information, shipping address, etc.), and will only use that information as required to fulfill the transaction in question or to follow up on that transaction and ensure your satisfaction. At the time of such transactions, we may present you with the option to be notified of future opportunities, and you can elect to receive or not receive such notices.
  • Message board. Should you choose to participate in our message board, we will require you to register as a member and provide such information as is needed to uniquely identify your postings and to remind you of your password should you forget. Your public postings are only identifiable as coming from you personally if you so choose to expose any personal information as part of your messaging profile. Any personal information you disclose within your postings to the message board you do so entirely of your own will and at your own risk.
  • Cookies and Traffic Logging. Some areas on this site are dynamically rendered and may or may not require that your web browser support cookies in order to properly function. We never use cookies to store any personally identifying information - only random numbers that serve as tokens to tell our web server which user is trying to see what information. This allows the system to work properly and show you what you're trying to see, within the correct context. Any cookie data that we place on your computer cannot be seen by any other party, and cannot be used to in any way identify you, track your other web visits, or in any way learn anything about your activities on line. On occasion, we will provide links to other web sites (such as industry partners, news sources, etc.), and the links to those other destinations may be in the form of banner ads or other content that will, when being displayed to you, place a cookie on your web browser. This is so that those other websites (merchants, for example) will know that they are getting a new visitor from within our audience here at UplandLife.com. These third-party cookies are essential to helping us know which advertisers' information you are finding useful, and allow us to make sure that you are not bothered by pointless information while visiting us. Such third-party ads and cookies do not provide for any personal tracking of you or your information, and the only way that any third party can ever identify you is if you specifically visit that party's web site and introduce yourself (by making a purchase, etc.).

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