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Hunting Party Life in the uplands is what you make of it. Some people really do make it their lives - out with their dogs in every kind of weather, and working hard so they can afford that next beautiful shotgun or trip to a far away bird hunt. Such uplanders buy gear, raise dogs, wear clothes, drive vehicles, and make the sort of friends that are uniquely suited to the thorns, nostalgia, mud, and romance that is Upland Life.

Right Tool For The Job This web site is meant for such people, but also for the complete outsider who feels that strong upland attraction but isn't sure where or how to start. You don't need a champion gun dog, a fancy SUV, a vintage doublegun, a lodge in the hills, or an upland upbringing to appreciate a perfect day in the field. And you don't need a loaded wine celler or a personal chef to enjoy an evening filled with roast pheasant and mostly true stories about the day's adventures in the field.

Dinner With Friends Our contributors and editors bring to UL a great working balance of both experience and freshness - we're a team of old hands, newcomers, and everything in between. Some UL folks keep alive the age-old traditions, while others live to try out new techniques and technologies. Throughout our content you'll find varying perspectives and levels of experience, and a genuine desire to have you bring elements of the upland culture into your life.

In our continual efforts to shape our team and our editorial focus, we of course welcome your input and feedback. Don't hesitate to contact us at any time. We'll see you in the field (just follow your dog - she knows where to go), and we'll meet you back for dinner. You bring the wine!


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