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Steady to Wing and Shot

Your pup's on point, you're sauntering up to flush the bird for her, and all of a sudden you hear a cackle, see a burst of feathers, and the bird is on its way to your dinner table. What's pup doing the whole time? Well if she's "steady to wing," she's standing there waiting for your next move.

A pup that's steady to wing (or sometimes called "steady to flush") knows that when the bird flies, she stands there waiting for your next command. Pups that are steady to wing are already "whoa broke," (a "whoa" meaning "don't go").

The same pup can be "steady to shot," if, after the bird takes flight and the guns make the bird your evening's dinner, pup stands still waiting for you to tell her to fetch it. Again, "whoa" is the critical command here, as regardless of the distraction in front of her, pup will always wait until you tell her it's OK to move out, grab the bird, and bring it back to you.

A pup that's steady to wing and shot will be a ready and appreciated hunting companion for years to come.

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