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E-CollarElectronic training collars are an increasingly sophisticated high tech solution to an age old problem: your dog is faster than you are (which is why you got him in the first place, so that's not really a problem, is it?). But all that mobility means that you're going to have a hard time influencing and correcting the dog's behavior when he's more than a couple of yards away from you.

E-Collar On German Shorthaired Pointer The prevailing thinking these days is that an electronic collar allows you to reach out over a distance and do the same thing you'd do if a distracted or misbehaving dog were right next you - that is, either make a small sound to get his attention, give him a little nudge to remind him you mean what you say, or make him feel discomfort for doing something he knows he shouldn't be doing.

It's very easy to get the wrong idea about these remote control devices, but they're not torture tools, and nor are they a cure for every training problem. See our e-collar manufacturer link page for a quick directory.

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