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• Game Bird Sauce
     A classic marinade for most any bird meat

• German Style Quail Casserole
     Es ist sehr einfach, mein Freund, und k√∂stlich!
      (Game Bird Entree)

• Green Peppercorn Pheasant Breasts with Bacon
     A spicy, creamy, rich pheasant dish.
      (Game Bird Entree)

• Grilled Chukar
     A classic marinade-and-barbecue approach
      (Game Bird Entree)

• Grilled Ginger Chukar
     Delicious glazed birds from the grill
      (Game Bird Entree)

• Grilled Quail
     An overnight marinade, and a few minutes on the grill
      (Game Bird Entree)

• Grilled Quail Salad With Creamy Garlic Vinaigrette
     Perfect for a summer picnic.
      (Game Bird Entree)

• Hasenpfeffer
     The traditional German Rabbit Stew
      (Rabbit Recipe)


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