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• Andalusian Partridge
     An Upland dish with the flavor of Mediterranean Spain
      (Game Bird Entree)

• Braised Dove and Wild Rice
     Savory dove breasts in a casserole preparation
      (Game Bird Entree)

• Braised Pheasant With Red Cabbage Wild Rice
     Naturally seasoned and sweetened game bird for two.
      (Game Bird Entree)

• Braised Quail with Poblano Chilies, Saffron, and Chorizo
     A subtle and elegant quail recipe
      (Game Bird Entree)

• Braised Woodcock
     Tiny, broiled morsels on toast. So civilized!
      (Game Bird Entree)

• Chukar Apple and Sage Sausage
     Perfect, juicy sausage for patties or for use as a stuffing
      (Game Bird Entree)

• Chukar Piccata
     The classic chicken recipe adapted for lean game birds
      (Game Bird Entree)

• Chukar Sausage Stuffed Mushrooms
     An ideal appetizer or party hors d'oeuvres.
      (Game Bird Entree)

• Chukar Stir-Fry
     Get that Wok out of the basement and put it to work!
      (Game Bird Entree)

• Crockpot Quail
     This can be cooking all day while you're out finding more birds.
      (Game Bird Entree)


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